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Dr. I.V. Krivtsun

 open the sample project page"Combined laser-arc processes for materials treatment and devices for their realization"

Dobrovolskii A.N
"The Aberrations in the High-Current Plasma Lens"

"Investigation of Damping of Non-linear Large Amplitude Langmuir Oscillations via Computer Simulation"

Vasenin Yu.L
"Investigation of the Cathode Processes of Arc Discharge in the Vapor of the Electrode Material"


Solvers for selected problems -- scientific toys for computer simulation/numerical experiments: electron emission, cathode spot, thermal processes in arc electrodes, multicomponent plasma...

 open the sample project pagePLICC

Multi-component Plasma Ionic Copmosition Calculator

Computer program for Simulation of the Wire Welding by Modulated Arc Current


Software Package for Computer Aided Simulation of P lasma Spraying Process

Software Package for Simulation of the Welding Thermal Processes

Sample Project
Investigation of Hybrid Processes of Metal Treatment and Development of Integrated Plasma Torches for Laser+Plasma Arc Welding, Cutting and Surfacing

 see the ADVAM short descriptions"PLASMION"

deposition of wear -, corrosion -, erosion - resistant, tribotechnical,
conductive, protective - decorative and other functional coatings


 see the ADVAM short descriptionsEquipment and technologies of a plasma-arc evaporation and DC magnetron sputtering in vacuum with a subsequent deposition of a vapor phase ... ("dry galvanic").
ADVAM Surfacing

New tecnology process -- thin film deposition technology on the basis of the Arc Discharge in the Vapors of the Anode Materials

Thermal Spraying

Advanced Technologies and Equipment for Thermal Spraying of Protective Coatings and Plasma Treatment of Materials

Underwater Air-Plasma Cutting

Traditional developer and manufacturer of multifunctional equipment for air-plasma cutting, surface treatment, welding and spraying.

Plasma Surgical Complex
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