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Dr. Igor V. Krivtsun

E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
11, Bozhenko St., Kiev 03680, Ukraine

Tel: (380 44) 284-3824
Fax: (380 44) 268-0486
Head of Department,
Corr.-Member of NAS of Ukraine


Born 1954; 1976 - B.S. degree in Physics, the Department of Physics at Kiev National University named after T.G. Shevchenko; 1976 - Junior Scientist, Senior Scientist, Head of the Theoretical Group of the same department, Leading scientist, of he Department of Gas Discharge Physics and Plasma Devices of E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute - up till now. 1986 - M.S. degree in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Postgraduate Course at Institute for Theoretical Physics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; 1987 - Ph.D. degree in Physics and Mathematics, Thesis: "Electromagnetic properties of inhomogeneous plasma systems".

Scientific Activities:

  • Main fields of research: Theory of electromagnetic processes in plasma (emission and absorption of electromagnetic radiation by plasmas and plasma-like media); Physics of gas discharges (arc, optical discharge, etc.) and their applications for welding, cutting, surfacing, spraying and other technologies of material processing.
  • Current research interests: Development of combined laser-arc processes for joining and treatment of materials, including theoretical investigation and computer modeling of focused laser radiation and arc discharge plasma interaction, as well as their combined affecting the different materials; development of software for computer-aided simulation of plasma technologies.
  • Publications: 21 publications in referred journals and collections, US patent, 8 preprints and 14 communications to scientific conferences.

Selected Publications:

  • Gvozdetsky, V. S., Zagorodny, A. G., Krivtsun, I.V., et al (1990) "Spectra of the spontaneous radiation of a half-space inhomogeneous plasma", Fizika Plazmy, 16, No. 5, 604-611.
  • Bushma, A. I. and Krivtsun, I. V. (1992) "Peculiarities of fine-dispersion ceramic particles heating by laser irradiation", Fizika i Khimija Obrabotki Materialov, No. 2, 40-48.
  • Gvozdetsky, V. S., Krivtsun, I. V., Chizhenko, M. I. and Yarinich, L. M. (1995) Laser-arc discharge: Theory and application, Welding and Surfacing Rev., 3, Harwood, 148 pp.
  • Krivtsun, I. V. and Chizhenko, M. I. (1997) "Fundamentals of calculating laser-arc plasma torches", The Paton Welding Journal, 9, No. 1, 19-24.
  • Dykhno, I. S., Krivtsun, I. V. and Ignatchenko, G. N. Combined laser and plasma arc welding torch. Pat. No.5700989, USA, Int. Cl. B23K 26/00, 10/00, published 23.12.97.
  • Borisov, Yu. S., Krivtsun, I. V. and Muzhichenko, A. F. (1998) Software package for computer-aided simulation of plasma spraying process, Abstracts of the 5th European Conference on Thermal Plasma Processes, St. Peterburg, Russia, 1998, 91.
  • Seyffarth, P and Krivtsun, I. V., Laser-Arc Processes and their Applications in Welding and Material Treatment (will be published).
  • Som, A. I. and Krivtsun, I. V.(2000) "Laser + plasma: Search for new possibilities in surfacing" , The Paton Welding Journal, No. 12, 34-39.
  • Krivtsun, I. V. (2001) "Model of evaporation of metal in arc, laser and laser-arc welding" The Paton Welding Journal, No. 3, 2-9.
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