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Paton Welding Institute, Kiev, Ukraine
Prof. Yu. Borisov,
Dr. I. Krivtsun
A.F. Muzhichenko
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Version 3.1
Software Package for
Computer Aided Simulation of Plasma Spraying Process

CASPSP is a package of computer programs for modeling both subsonic turbulent plasma jets used in plasma spraying and behavior of spray particles in such jets. It enables to perform quickly and easily the computer estimation of the temperature and velocity distributions for a plasma jet, as well as the trajectory, velocity and thermal state of particles being sprayed, depending on the plasma spraying process parameters. This software may be useful for experts in the field of plasma spraying and for students interested in this topic.


CASPSP is a recently improved software package and its new version consists of two connected modules:

C A S P S P - Simulation of Plasma Jet
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C A S P S P - Simulation of Spray Particles.
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CASPSP has Windows 95/NT friendly interface, which involves the following systems for each module:
Control Menu Input-Output Data Editing System Graphical Result Displaying System Help System.


The first module is intended for computer simulation of subsonic turbulent plasma jets, which are formed by plasmatrons with smooth channel of nozzle-anode and emitted into the open atmosphere (APS). The corresponding calculation programs are based on the mathematical model for gas dynamic and heat transfer processes in subsonic flow of arc plasma, which are described by the set of MGD equations within the turbulent boundary layer approximation. This module permits to calculate and display spatial distributions of the plasma temperature and velocity for free jets with taking into account the electric arc processes occurring inside plasmatron, in dependence on its nozzle-anode channel dimensions, arc current, composition and flow rate of plasma-forming gas.

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The second module is intended for computer simulation of behavior of spray particles in the plasma jet with pre-calculated distributions of the plasma temperature and velocity. The corresponding calculation program is based on the mathematical model for processes of particle heating and acceleration, which are described by the non-linear, non-stationary thermal conductivity equation and the equation of motion for a spherical particle in plasma flow with taking into account the reducing of temperature and velocity of the plasma jet due to spray powder loading. This module permits to calculate and display trajectory, velocity and temperature field for particles being sprayed, according to composition of material and initial diameter of the particles, their feed rate and conditions of their injection into the jet.

The new version of the software allows to choose preferable units for data being inputted and outputted:
Dimensions (cm\in) Temperatures (K\F\C) Gas Flow Rates (SLPM\SCFH) Powder Feed Rates (kg/hr\lb/hr).

Modification of this software can be made, e.g., for simulation of various type non-transferred arc plasmatrons; for simulation of plasma jets emitted into limited space (SPS); for simulation of supersonic plasma jets and for simulation of many particles simultaneously.


Plasma-forming gases: Ar N2 Ar + H2 Ar +He.
Particle materials: Al Cu Mo Ni Ti Al2O3 Cr2O3 Fe3O4 TiO2 ZrO2 Cr3C2 TiC WC CaF2 AlCuFe
Changes to these databases are possible, e.g., for Air or Gas + Air mixtures as plasma gases, as well as for other particle material compositions.


IBM PC and compatibles with installed Windows 9x/NT/2000. CPU: Pentium (faster clock rate is preferable); RAM: At least 32 MB; HDD free space: At least 5 MB; CD-ROM (software provided on CD); Monitor: SVGA, 1024 x 768 pixels, 16 bit colors; Printer: Optional (color printer is preferable).
Demo version of CASPSP now available (RAR file: DCASPSP.RAR , 1 437 698 bytes). After loading choose the catalog (folder) to unpack files to and start the program CASPSP.EXE Load file...

For more information on CASPSP call:
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Prof. Yu. S. Borisov, Head of Coating Department,
Paton Welding Institute, 11 Bozhenko St., 03680 Kiev , Ukraine
Tel./Fax: (380 44) 220 9215
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