Prof. Yuri S. Borisov

E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
11, Bozhenko St., Kiev 03680, Ukraine

Tel:(380 44) 289-2171

Professor, Doctor of Sc.(Eng.), Head of Department of Protective Coatings

Data and Administrative Activities in Science and Research:

Born 1932, 1955 - Red Diploma of at Metallurgical Engineer at the Ural's Polytechnic Institute, Sverdlovsk, Russia;
1955-1974 - the Urals Research Institute for Ferrous Metals, Sverdlovsk, USSR (1955-1958 - Junior Staff Scientist; 1958-1966 - Senior Staff Scientist; 1966-1971 - Chief of Plasma Coating Section; 1971-1974 - Chief of Laboratory for Development of Protective Coating Processes);
1975-1985 - Institute for Materials Science Problems, Ukrainian Academy of Science, Kiev, USSR (1975-1982 - Senior Staff Scientist, 1982-1984 - Chief of Laboratory of Protective Coatings, 1984-19.85 - Head of Department of Protective Coatings);
1985-till now - E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute, Ukrainian Academy of Science, Kiev, Ukraine; Head of Department of Protective Coatings;
1963 - Ph.D., Cand.of Sc. (Eng.), Thesis "Some questions of hydrocarbons application in ironmaking";
1983 - Doctor of Sc.(Eng.), 1990 - Professor Univ., Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

1970 - medal "For Labour Heroism", 1983 - medal "Veteran of Labour", 1965-1980 - 2 silver and 3 bronze medals of All-Union Exhibition of National Economy Achievements, Moscow, USSR; 1995 - Award of High Temperature Society of Japan, 1999 - the 2000 Millennium Medal of Honour, ABS;
member of Soviet State Sci. Council for Problem "New Inorganic Materials and Coatings" (1965-1991), member of IIW Select Committee on Surfacing and Thermal Spraying, Head of Welding and Coating Group of ASM Kyiv Chapter, member of ABI Research Board of Advisors.

Scientific Activities


  • Borisov Yu., Kulik A., Mnuchin A.Thermal sprayed coatings from composite powders, Leningrad, 1985 (in Russian).
  • Borisov Yu., Borisova A.Plasma powder coatings, Kiev, 1986 (in Russian).
  • Borisov Yu., Charlamov Yu., Sidorenko S., Ardatovskaja E.Thermal sprayed coatings from powder materials, Kiev, 1987 (in Russian).
  • Borisov Yu., Kulik A., Mnuchin A.Thermal sprayed coatings from composite powders, ed. (in Japanese).
  • Kunitskij Yu., Korzhyk V., Borisov Yu.Non-crystallic metal materials and coatings in technique, Kiev, 1988.

Selected papers (total - more than 300)

  • Borisov Yu., Murashov A., Saakov A.Effects of Different Factors on Plasma Spraying Efficiency and Metallization Pattern, In: Thermal Spray Research and Applications, Long Beach, USA, 1990.
  • Borisov Yu., Korzhyk V., Fialko N., Prokopov V.Thermal and physico-chemical conditions for formations of thermal sprayed coatings with metastable structure. In: High temperature dust-laden jets in plasma technology. Utrecht, Netherlands, 1990.
  • Borisov Yu., Korzhyk V., Chernyshov A.Peculiarities of optimization of thermal spraying process by using protective extensions with peripheral gas flow. In: Plasma jets in the development of new materials technology, Utrecht, Netherlands, 1990.
  • Borisov Yu., Korzhyk V., Chernyshov A.Structure and Parameters of Heterogeneous Plasma Jets Shielded by Water Flow. In: Proc. of 2nd Plasma-Technic Symp., vol.1, Switzerland, 1991.
  • Borisov Yu., Korzhyk V., Chernyshov A.Plasma Spraying of Coatings using a Protective Nozzle, Ibid.
  • Karp I., Petrov S., Borisov Yu.Effect of supersonic air-gas plasma spraying conditions on deposition efficiency and coating properties.In: Proc. of Thermal Spray Conf., (TS`93), Aachen, Germany, 1993.
  • Yuschenko K., Borisov Yu., Lugscheider E., Jokiel P.Effect of porous nozzle extensions on structure and properties of plasma coatings, Ibid.
  • Borisov Yu., Chernyshov A., Krivtsun I.Computer-Aided Simulation and Experimental Study of Dusted Plasma Jets Emitting into Limited Space.In: Thermal Spray Industrial Application, Boston, USA, 1994. (CASPSP)
  • Karp I., Borisov Yu., Saakov A.New Plasma Spray Apparatus, Ibid.
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