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Yu. Vasenin, photo (3 K)


Providence, RI 02908, USA

E.O. Paton Institute
Natl. Acad. af Science of Ukraine
11 Bozhenko St, Kiev 03680, Ukraine
B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Kand. Phys.–Math. Nauk
Senior Research Fellow

He received his Magister degree in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics from the Faculty of Physics, Dept. of Theoretical Physics, National T.Shevchenko University of Kyiv. He has been working at the E.O. Paton Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1980 until present. He received his MS degree in Computational Plasma Physics, postgraduate course at Institute of Physics NASU in 1986. He received the Kand.Phys.-Mat.Nauk (Ph.D.) degree in Physical Electronics from the Institute of Physics in 1997. Thesis: "Investigation of the Cathode Processes of Arc Discharge in the Vapor of the Electrode Material" He has carried out over 40 theoretical and computational works of which about 20 papers have been published in referred journals and other presented in numerous national and international conferences. The papers are mainly devoted to electron emission peculiarities within the cathode spot of the electric arc. Since 1988 he concentrated in the computational physics. Currently, he is a Senior Research Fellow of Dept. Gas Discharge Physics & Plasma Devices of PWI.

Now he is in the U.S.A. as a Green Card holder. Consultant: Scientific Software development, Numerical Simulation and Computational Modeling and Optimization
Commercial WEB Design / Development / Engineering. C/C#/C++/FORTRAN, HTML/CSS, Windows/Linux, SVN, MySQL, Apache, Perl, Scripting, PHP, Python

Area of interests:

  • plasma-surface interaction, research of thepeculiarities of the electron emission, physical processes within the dense plasma above the metal surface, taking into account surface dynamics, plasma formation.
  • development of physical and mathematical models for computer simulation of the thermal nonstationar 3D processes
  • computational experiments on the basis of non-stationary models of the electric arc cathode spot with the self-consistent description of the near electrode plasma sheath processes, research of the metal vapor arc cathode spot (parameters / physical phenomenon , see also cathodic arc).
  • computational software design and development

New series of the Scientific Toy Software continuosly under development and now open for collaboration. That is collection of original computational programs for numerical simulation of subset(s) the more complex problem: ionical composition of the multicomponent plasma, thermo-field electron emission with taking into account electrical field of individual ions within the near-cathode space charge layer, boundary conditions on the metal surface covered by dense plasma, 2D and 3D non-stationary heat transition with self-consistent boundary conditions (released for cathode spot numerical simulation) and so on.
The used algorithms widely tested and realized in a case of C++ classes. Solved partial subsets might be interesting for parameters evaluation of physical processes at R&D work : "Today′s decisions of Tomorrow′s problems". The time of the computational experiments on specialized software is a few orders of magnitude shorter compare to the standard using of integrated packages (MATHLAB and so on).

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