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The Ionic Composition of the Multicomponent PlasmaCalculator::PLICC

High-temperature (3000 K and up) multi-component (more then 3 chemical elements) plasmas occur in welding arcs, high-voltage circuit breakers, lightning strikes, and so on. At a such high temperatures, the constituent particles are a small number of the neutral atoms and mainly their multicharged ions, along with free electrons.

The program PLICC have been developed to calculate ionic composition of the multicomponent plasma by solving a set of equations, namely:

  • Saha equations for LTE ionization with taking into account ionization degree up to 10 (0...9) for every chemical element in a set and lowering ionization potentials;
  • Dalton's Law for the total pressure with the stable partial relations of pressure/concentration of the plasma heavy species (atoms + ions of chemical elements). It is possible to choose the case of modeling of plasma with Pressure=constor Volume=const;
  • Equation for the plasma charge neutrality.

The number of chemical components of PLIC Calculator is limited by 13 with relative differences in partial pressures/concentrations up to10000.

The program realized as a console application on C++. Minimal requirements to computer processor is Intel 80286 with mathematical coprocessor.

This program might be tested on request as for the well known so as for the specific plasma systems and used as a tool for industrial R&D as well as a teaching tool at the graduate level. It can also be used as research tool in discharge and plasma physics laboratories.

The SToy software series can be used by specialists for parameters evaluation within the complex problem/systems by modeling and simulation of the more simple problem.

The programs of the SToyS series was prepared for work on personal computers, compatible with the IBM PC and OS Windows 9x/NT/ME/... (or computer with the simple DOS v.3.1 ... 7.10 with the 50 KB free memory )

Modification and adaptation of this program can be made on requests...

For more information on SToyS series call:
You can call Dr.Yu.Vasenin Dr. Yuri L. Vasenin
Tel.(380 44) 261 5349, Fax: (380 44) 268 0486,
Paton Welding Institute, 11 Bozhenko St., Kiev 03680, Ukraine
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