" Investigation of the Cathode Processes of Arc Discharge in the Vapor of the Electrode Material "


Yuri Vasenin
Paton Welding Institute of NASU


Dr.Sci., Prof. V.V. Vladimirov (died Dec. 1995)
Head of Plasma Physics Dept., Institute of Physics NASU

Dr.Sci., Prof. V.S. Gvozdetsky
Head of Gas Discharge and Plasma Devices Dept., Paton Welding Institute of NASU


Dr.Sci., Prof. G.E. Chaika
State Academy of Telecommunications

Dr.Sci., Senior Sci. A.A. Goncharov
Institute of Physics NASU, Leading Scientist

Profile Organisation:

Kiev Nuclear Research Institute of NASU
Dept of Plasma Physics

Yuri Vasenin

Investigation of the Cathode Processes of Arc Discharge in the Vapor of the Electrode Material

Thesis for a Candidate of Sciences degree by speciality 01.04.04 – Physical Electronics.
– The Institute of Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, 1997.


The dissertation is devoted to the theoretical and computational research of the physical processes in cathodic region of the electric arc in vacuum. It was developed the self–susteined physical and mathemetical models for the processes on the cathode surface, in the near–cathode plasma and the cathode bulk.

The influence on the F–T electron emission of the electrical field of the individual ions (I–F–T mechanism), incoming to the surface from the plasma, is investigated in details.

The parameters of the near–cathode plasma and the computing simulation results for the dynamics, structure and parameters of cathode spot are presented.

It was developed software for computer modeling of thermal processes, the plasma-electrode interaction and multicomponent plasma calculation, the thermo--field (TF) electron emission in most general approach to calculation of electron emission current dencity and Nottingham effect and some others.

Key words: vacuum electric arc, cathode phenomena, cathode spot, electron emission.

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