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GVOZDETSKY Vasiliy Stepanovich

E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
11 Bozhenko St, Kiev 03680 , Ukraine

Tel: (38-044) 227-1544
Fax: (38-044) 268-0486

Professor, Doctor of Sciences.


V.S. Gvozdetsky was born on August 16, 1930 on Vinnitsa region, Ukraine. He received his B.S. degree from the Radiophysics Faculty of the Kiev State University in 1960. He has been working at the Paton Welding Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1960. Currently, he is a Head of Dept. «Gas Discharge Physics and Plasma Devices» (since 1977). He received his Doctor of Technical Sciences degree  in 1976 and became the Prof.Dr. in 1989 after consulting the preparation more than 5 Ph.D and 2 Dr.Sci. dissertations. He has published over 190 scientific papers and 2 books, including numerous presentation on national and international conferences. Author and co-author more than 55 national and 25 foreign patents. The papers are mainly devoted to electric arc physics and techniques. Area of interests: microplasma welding,  power equipment and suppliers, new devices for microplasma surgery "without blood".
He is awarded by State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR (1972) and Award of the Council of Ministers of USSR (1985).

Research & Development activity:

  • On the basis of research of the ion-electron emission and the movement mechanisms (to Amperian and annti-Amperian direction) of normal and low pressure electric arc in a magnetic field both on refractory, and on evaporating cathodes it was developed methods and technologies of welding of pipes by a diameter of 10-40 mm with the boards for various heat exchange equipment.
  • The contracting processes of an electric arc of normal and low pressure and also the methods of management of arc current density on the anode are investigated that has allowed to develop various technologies and devices of microplasma welding of metals and alloys by thickness less than 1 mm, including aluminium and alloys.
  • The equipment for microplasma technologies (welding, cutting, hardening, spraying) in continuous and pulse modes of the arc burning, and also on an alternating current on a basis of invertor power supplies it was developed. The serial manufacturing for various industries is organised. It was developed methods and devices for high-speed (10-20ě/mines) arc and plasma welding of thin metals on direct and reversed current polarity excluding spasmodic moving the anodic and carhodic spots.
  • The main field of research now is the use of a microplasma jet in medicine for the cutting and welding of organic and biological organs to avoid the bleeding. Application - general and many special kind of surgery.

Representative Publications

  • V.S. Gvozdetsky, "On the Question about a Hall Effect of the Welding Arc, Moving in Magnetic Field", Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, no.12, pp.7-10, 1970 (In Russian)
  • V.S. Gvozdetsky, "On the Question about a Distribution Function of the Current in Anodic Spot ", Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, no.12, pp.20-24, 1973 (In Russian)
  • V.S. Gvozdetsky, "The Calculation of the Current Density of the Low Pressure Arc in a Vacuum", Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, no.3, pp.1-5, 1975 (In Russian)
  • V.S. Gvozdetsky, "To the Theory of Cathodic Processes of the Electric Arc", Part 1: Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, no.1, pp.33-37, 1969 (In Russian) Part 2: Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, no.6, pp.1-4, 1969 (In Russian)
  • B.E. Paton, V.S. Gvozdetsky, D.A. Dudko et al, The Microplasma Welding, Kiev:Naukova Dumka, 1979, 248 p.(In Russian)

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