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Alexey Antonovich GONCHAROV

Institute of Physics
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
pr. Nauki, 46 , Kiev 03039 , Ukraine

Tel/Fax: (380 44) 265 2329

Doctor of Sciences (Phys. & Math.), Leading Scientist


Alexey A. Goncharov is a Lead Physicist at the Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, Kiev. He received the B.S. degree in physical electronics from the Radiophysical Department, Kiev State University, in 1964 and the Candidate (PhD) and the Doctor of Science degree from the IP NASU in 1977 and 1996, respectively. His research involves the development of high current plasma optical devices for their application in basic sciences and plasma-based technologies. He has been a Researcher at the Institute of Physics NASU since 1965.
He is author/co-author of over 140 experimental and theoretical research programs, resulting in over 70 peer-reviewed papers published in refereed journals and presented at national and international conferences.
His fields of interest include high current ion beams, magnetic isolation, plasma optics and collective processes in the plasma-beam system. Since 1985 he has focused on the investigation of high-current electrostatic plasma lenses for applications in high dose ion implantation and in heavy ion linear accelerators. In the recent years he concentrates on the researches and elaborations novel plasma generation devices based on plasma lens for advanced application in high-tech area.
Prof. A. Goncharov is a Member of the Ukrainian Physical Society and the American Physical Society.

Representative Publications

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  • Goncharov A.  "Production and Control of High Production Ion Beams in Plasma Optics Systems", Rev.Sci.Instr. Vol.69, no.2, pp.1150 - 1152, 1998
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