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visit to check ...IEEE-NPSS Plasma Science and Applications Commitee, Directory of Plasma Conferences
Well over 100 plasma conferences are held every year. To help conference attendees and organizers keep track of so many meetings this directory maintains. Visit the electronic listing at Information about upcoming conferences and suggestions for improvement are especially welcome.
  Website of Plasma Calendar Institute of Plasma Physics
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E-Print Network
Created by the United States Department of Energy, this website allows users to explore online papers that have been submitted for distribution and review among peers; for publication in journals; or for presentations at conferences.
SciCentral News Alerigh
The free service will allow you to select 120+ science topics and features offered by SciCentral and receive an E-mail update generated exclusively for you each week.
HighWire Press's Site
*Journals with free full-text articles * Upcoming journals * Journals with usage statistics online * Pay-for-access sites * Detailed article counts by journal * Sites for outside USA/Canada * Largest free full-text science archives ** Top 500 science journals
Annual Reviews
Each year Annual Reviews publishes a number of special publications devoted to a particular topic or range of topics.Special Science Publications Search Abstracts, Title, & Authors from 1984 to present for all 27 of our series. Science Links Browse and search our collection of links to other related science sites.
Physical Home
Instructions for Preparation of Manuscript
1,169,671 :: Bringing the Worlds Largest Scientific Database to your Desktop
ScienceDirect® is an Elsevier Science B.V. registered trademark.

INSE - Super Education for Russian Future

IEEE Branch in Russia

Technology Business in Russia
Web resource covering high-tech business and innovation in Russia

Journals contents and new books. Alerts


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a free service of EnglishLearner.Com by Elek Mathe

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Prepared by Prof. of English /Humanities Charles Darling

TOEFL :Learning Fun for Everyone
Do you want to make a great score on the TOEFL and get into the school you want? Then you must practice, practice, practice!

Collection of free interactive English tests

Microsoft: Manual of Style for Technical Publications. A wonderful Resource for technical writers.

ZDNet newsletters

ZDNet: Help & How-To?
Fix It Now: Expert help, solutions, repairs *How-To: Step-by-step tutorials, beginner guides *Alerts & Solutions: Bug alerts, fixes, security, protection.*Tips & Tricks: Software shortcuts, know-how, Q&A. *PC Check-Up: Software updates, utilities, anti-virus, downloads. *Performance Boosters: Diagnostics, utilities, benchmarks.

The CPU Info Center
The CPU Info Center contains various CPU related information.



This unique public-private partnership promotes scientific and technical collaboration between the United States and the countries of the Former Soviet Union (FSU).

Science and Technology Center in Ukraine. Mission: to support R&D activities for peaceful applications by Ukrainian scientists and engineers, formerly involved with development of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery.

Improving Scientific Cooperation with the New Independent States of the xUSSR. Initiative launched under INTAS to better coordinate information sharing and exchange on a regular basis, in particular via Internet which is open to a wide audience.

INTAS (1/13)
Call 2003-2004
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EURO Zone...
*Turning an idea into a project *CORDIS as a tool for industry *CORDIS as a tool for Technology Transfer *CORDIS as a tool for tomorrow's enterprise Innovation Services *Other Research and Results' articles
Pan-European framework for research and development cooperation through which industry and research institutes from 27 European countries and the European Union develop and exploit the technologies crucial to global competitiveness and a better quality of life.
Guide to Funding and Participation in European Union Programs
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Program Announcements to DOE National Laboratories
Foundations & Grantmakers
Lists foundations and grantmakers by name
You can either scroll through the directory, or click on a letter to jump to a specific organization's information or home page. Some foundations on this page are offered as a link to home pages residing on other servers.

APS(American Physical Society)

Publishers:Electronic Journals, Preprints, and Conference Proceedings

Electronic Journals, Preprints, and Conference Proceedings
Academic Press - Tables of Contents and abstracts of Academic Press journals in life and biomedical sciences, physics, engineering, chemistry, math and computer science
American Physical Society Publications - Tables of Contents and Abstracts for the online editions of Physical Review A, Physical Review B, Physical Review C, Physical Review D, and Physical Review Letters
Cambridge Journals Online - Selected journals published by Cambridge University Press
Elsevier Science - Tables of Contents for Elsevier journal publications
Institute of Physics - Tables of Contents for Institute of Physics journals
Kluwer Academic Publishers Journal Homepages - Listing of Kluwer Academic Publishers journals in physics and links to Tables of Contents
Springer-Verlag - Tables of Contents and abstracts for journals in chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental sciences, geosciences, biology and medicine, and physics
Wiley-VCH - Tables of Contents, abstracts and some articles from journals in biology and medicine, chemistry, engineering, materials

All in U.S.A.
Generals, unLTD.
Office of Science , U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories and Business Working Together The New York Times on the Web General Electric Company General Atomics General Motors

All for weldiners
tig.mig,plasma cutting equipment and consumption materialsFeatures hundreds of welding from MIG and TIG welding technologies to plasma cutting and TIG torches and tungsten electrodes.    

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Collection of Links on KS-Net to popular Search Engines
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