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Underwater Air--Plasma Cutting
The Plasma Technology Leaders

"Plasmatron" and the Scientific-and-Technical Complex "The E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute" for a number of years have been involved in experimental works on development of methods and equipment for underwater air-plasma cutting (UAPC) of metals.

Research-and-production enterprise PLAZMOTRON has years of experience in the field of equipment development as well as technologies of air-plasma materials processing. Enterprise is a successor in title of a scientific department, which in 1965 developed the first in the world industrial air-plasma cutting plant.

Currently enterprise has developed the third generation of air-plasma cutting plants, which are ahead of the analogue foreign developments; enterprise is experienced in application of some original technologies like underwater air-plasma cutting in sea conditions at depth of 30 m.

Having a high scientific and manufacturing potential, planning developments and increase of its productions, our enterprise is aimed at cooperation with one of Western European companies and which is interested in promotion on the worlds market of the above-mentioned products.

Such cooperation will be based on advanced technical level of air-plasma cutting plants, as well as on a low cost of such plants compared to the analogue products on the world market.

All details of cooperation are subject to discussion with
the manager of the enterprise - Dr. Edward Esibyan.
Tel. +38 044 456 40 50 Tel/fax +38 044 456 23 36 E-mail:

Looking for sponsors

Manufacture of commercial units and their certification require additional funding which will pay back many times as a result of application of the units in practical projects.
If you have proposals, please contact us in Kyiv.

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Project Leader E.M. Esibyan
Plasmatron Inc., Ltd. 03680 Kiev, Ukraine,
Tel.: (380 44) 456 4050
Tel./Fax: (380 44) 456 2336
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