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Dr. Edward M. ESIBYAN

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute
11 Bozhenko Street, Kyiv 03680, Ukraine

Tel: (380 44) 456-4050
Tel/Fax: (380 44) 456-2336
Doctor of Sciences, Head of Department "PLASMATRON"


E.M.Esibyan was born on June 10, 1931, in Baku.There he received an engineering education, graduated from the power generation faculty of the Industrial Institute (1953) and then was working at the Machine-Building Factory as a chief power engineer (till 1958). In 1958 E.M.Esibyan entered the post-graduate courses at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv and in 1961 defended a thesis for the Candidate of Technical Sciences ( PhD degree).
Further on E.M.Esibyan was a head of laboratory and then a chief of department involved in research and development in the field of technologies and equipment for plasma cutting of metals. He is a developer of the pioneering air-plasma cutting machines. E.M.Esibyan is the author of more than 100 publications, including more than 50 inventions, foreign patents and 2 monographs. For 15 years E.M.Esibyan had been a leader of the international community of specialists in plasma technologies from the COMECON member countries.
Since 1991 E.M.Esibyan has been the head of the Research and Production Enterprise "PLASMATRON", which is a division of the Scientific-and-Technical Complex "E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute" of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
In 1975 E.M.Esibyan was awarded the State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR.

Research & Development Activity:

  • Developed structures of zirconium cathodes of plasmatrons resistant to oxidizing air environments. Investigated composition, mechanism of functioning of such cathodes and conditions providing their long service life. Developed optimal ratios of geometrical dimensions of the shaping chamber of plasmatrons, investigated electrical and thermophysical properties of air-plasma arcs and their cutting capabilities.
  • Investigated the energy balance of the air-plasma arc.
  • Developed various diagrams and designs of plasmatron power supplies. Investigated conditions of stability of the "power supply - plasma arc" system.
  • During a period of 35 years several generations of air-plasma cutting machines have been built, including AVPR, "Kyiv", "Duplex". Many of them have been successfully operated until now at industrial enterprises of Ukraine and abroad.

Representative publications:

  • Esibyan, E.M. (1971) Plasma arc equipment. Kyiv: Tekhnika (Russian)
  • Esibyan, E.M., Gvozdetsky, V.S. (1981) Plasma welding and cutting. In: Welding in the USSR. Moscow: Nauka (Russian)
  • Esibyan, E.M., Gladky, P.V., Nikiforov, N.I, et al. (1999) Equipment for plasma welding, surfacing and cutting. Encyclopedia. Moscow: Mashinostroyeniye (Russian)
  • Esibyan, E.M., Malkin, V.B., Ionin, V.E. (1969) On inertia of the electric arc. Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, 7, 32-34 (Russian)
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  • Esibyan, E.M., Danchenko, M.E. Non-consumable electrode for arc processes. Pat. 2.044.232 (B) France, Int. Cl. B 23 K 35/00. Publ. 26.11.71. Same: Pat. 3.676.639 USA. Same: Pat. 85904 GDR. Publ. 28.05.70 (Russian)
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  • Esibyan, E.M. (1999) Selection of the means and equipment for thermal cutting of metals. Svarshchik, 3, 4-6 (Russian)
  • Esibyan, E.M., Saakov, A.G. (1989) Energy and technological features of air-gas plasma spraying. Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, 10, 28-32 (Russian)
  • Esibyan E.M. Gedenwartiger Entwicklungsstand des Plazma - Druckluftschneidens von Metallen Zis mitteilungen No. 9, 1978. S. 928 (German)
  • Esibyan E.M. State-of-the-art in air-plasma cutting of metals (paper presented at Colloquium at XXV Congress of the IIW, Session "Thermal Cutting and Flame Treatment", Lyublen, Yugoslavia, 1982 (English)
  • Esibyan E.M. Plasma-arc equipment. Moscow: Mir, 1978 - 151 p. (English)
  • Esibyan E.M. Air-plasma cutting: state-of-the-art and prospects, The Paton Welding Journal, No. 12. 2000. - P. 4-15 (English)
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