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Prof. A.V. Demchishin
Dr. Yu.A. Kurapov

RAPID : new and perspective vacuum and plasma technologies

An equipment and vacuum-plasma methods of coating deposition

Scientific Task Group "PLASMION"

Advanced equipment, technologies, coatings

Equipment and technologies for an ion-plasma coating deposition in vacuum

A task group deals with development of ion-plasma coating deposition technologies (a vacuum-arc evaporation and magnetron sputtering) and is engaged in designing and fabrication of appropriate equipment.

A vacuum-arc method for coating deposition
(examples of installations and applications)

Vacuum arc installation
A total view of the vacuum-arc installation with a vertical cylinder-type cathode in the center of a working chamber and two face-type cathodes on each side of the vacuum chamber


A linear cylinder-type electric arc cathode with a lateral working surface inside of a vacuum chamber ( diameter of Ti cathode - 100mm, cathode length - 500 mm )


View on Vacuum Arc

A linear vacuum-arc evaporator with a cylinder-type cathode in operation ( diameter of Ti cathode - 32mm, cathode length - 500mm )


AlC structure
A surface structure of the Al coating (5µm thick) on a graphite fabric
( x 2000 )



CrMo structure

A surface structure of the Cr coating (7 µm thick) on a molybdenum substrate
( x 250 )

Turbine bladesTurbine blades made of Ti and Ni alloys with vacuum-arc coatings:

  • heat-resistant NiCrAlY coating
  • erosion-resistant TiN coating.

Anilox roll with TiAlN
An anilox roll with a TiAlN functional coating

Decorative TiN and TiCN coatings

Decorative TiN and TiCN coatings on ceramic and glass articles

A magnetron sputtering method for coating deposition
(examples of installations and applications)


Experimental setup with cylinder-type magnetron

An experimental set-up with a cylinder-type magnetron inside of a vacuum chamber for R&D of coating deposition onto lengthy items ( tubes, rods, rolls, wires, filaments, shafts, etc. )


Magnetron power suply , 20 KWPower supply ( 20 kW ) of the magnetron


A cylinder-type magnetron with SmCo magnets rotated around a tubular target with an internal working surface


Planar-type magnetron
A planar-type magnetron with ferrite-barium magnets
( length - 1200 mm, width - 350 mm )


Low-melted metal target
A low-melted metal target (600 mm in length) for magnetron sputtering (Sn, In, Zn)


Cylinder-type magnetron

A cylinder-type magnetron with an internal working surface (internal diameter- 230 mm) and rotated magnetic field for target material utilization increase


Installation, control block and power supplies

An installation, control blocks and power supplies.
An installation of magnetron sputtering with six planar-type magnetrons for one- or two-sided coatings deposition on roll-type materials (polymeric roll, paper web, metal foil)


Rewinding machanism for polomeric film

A rewinding mechanism for a 300 mm width polymeric film


An example of small parts fixing on a cylinder-type substrate for an ion-plasma coating deposition

Al coatings on polypropilene film
A polypropylene film with Al coating



holographic picture on film

A polyethylene film with a mechanically engraved holographic picture after Al coating deposition



Ion-plasma device for etching:
Ietch = 10 - 20 mA
Uetch= 0 -2.5 kV (standard 900 V)
Dtreated items = 10 - 40 mm
H = 1 kE

Engineering developments:
  • cylinder- and planar-type vacuum arc evaporators;
  • cylinder- and planar-type magnetrons;
  • generators of gas and metallic plasma;
  • laboratory,research,pilot and specialized ion-plasma vacuum installations;
  • industrial ion-plasma vacuum installations.

The task group has designed industrial ion plasma VI-1000 and VI-1200 installations with vacuum chambers 1000 and 1200 mm in diameter, 1400 and 2000 mm in height respectively. The installations are equipped with planar and cylinder-type ion plasma evaporators in order to meet different industrial applications.

Types of collaboration:
  • a development of technical documentation for separate assemblies and vacuum installations;
  • a manufacture of assemblies / installations and delivering to customers;
  • author's supervision for mounting, assembling, putting in operation the installation and during a guarantee period;
  • training of personnel;
  • fulfillment of R&D and technological works.
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