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Prof. Anatoliy V. Demchishin

E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
11, Bozhenko Str., Kiev-03680, Ukraine
Tel: (380 44) 261 5322
Fax: (380 44) 268 7977


Born in 1940; 1963 - B.S. degree in Foundry, the Faculty of Foundry Techniques at Zaporozhskiy Machine-Building Institute; 1964 - a post-graduate at the E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute; 1968 - Ph.D degree in a Special Electric Metallurgy Metals and Alloys; 1975 - Senior Scientist, the Department of the Electron Beam Techniques; 1981 - Doctor of Technical Sciences in the Special Electric Metallurgy Metals and Alloys; 1984 - Head of Laboratory "Hard and Wear-resistant Coatings"; 1988 - Head of Department "Vacuum Coatings"; 1992 - Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of National Progress.

Scientific Activities:

  • Main areas of research: Structure / properties relationships in vacuum coatings of pure metals, metallic alloys, refractory compounds, dispersion-strengthened composites, multilay-ered condensates and high-porous deposits.
  • Current research interests:Research and development of ion-plasma assisted physical vapor deposition processes and appropriate installations; structure and properties of deposits produced by electric arc discharge direct and reactive mode evaporation and a magnetron sputtering.
  • Publications: more than 100 publications in scientific journals and 16 patents.

Selected Publications:

  • Movchan B.A., Demchishin A.V. Investigations of the structure and properties of thick Ni, Ti, W, Al2O3 and ZrO2 vacuum condensates. Fizika Metalov i Metalovedenije, 28, No.4, 1969
  • Demchishin A.V., Malyi V.I., Kooporev A.L. A structure and mechanical properties of thick Ni-Cu condensates. Fizika i Himija Obrabotki Materialov, No.6, 1974.
  • Movchan B.A., Demchishin A.V., Kooluck L.D. Investigation of the influence of a nature, sizes and a quantity of particles on the structure and mechanical properties of thick dispersion -strengthened iron condensates. Thin Solid Films, vol.44, 1977.
  • Bunshah R.F., Nimagada R., Danford W., Movchan B.A., Demchishin A.V., Chursanov N.A A structure and properties of refractory compounds produced by EB PVD method. Thin Solid Films, vol.54, 1978.
  • Demchishin A.V., Malyi V.I. A structure and mechanical properties of thick Ni-B system condensates. Problemy SEM, No.12, 1980.
  • Bunshah R.F., Sans C., Movchan B.A., Demchishin A.V., Badilenko G.F. Structure / properties relationships in microlaminated TiC / Ni condensates. Thin Solid Films, vol.96, 1982.
  • Demchishin A.V., Stetsenko V.V., Dobrovolskiy V.M., Ischuk L.V. Properties of transpa-rent and conductive indium-tin oxides. Geliotehnika, No.4, 1988.
  • Demchishin A.V., Kushnirenko A.E., Popovich A.P. EB PVD Ni coatings for battery cases. Proc. "New processes and equipments for coatings deposition", Kiev, 1990.
  • Kushnirenko A.E., Demchishin A.V., Ramaekers P.P. Protective properties of vacuum chro-mium coatings. Proc. Euromat-97, Maastricht-NL, vol.3, 1997
  • .A.V. Demchishin, Yu.A. Kurapov, A.A. Goncharov, V.A. Michenko, E.G. Kostin, E.G. Ternovoj. Research ion-plasma unit for coating application in vacuum. J. Problemy spetsialnoi electrometallurgii, Kiev, (2001), No.4 (65), p.41-43. (in Russian).
  • A.V. Demchishin, Yu.A. Kurapov, E.P. Polischuk, E.G. Ternovoj. Failure of a protective coating on niobium at high-temperature oxidation. J. Advances in Electrometallurgy, Kiev, (2002), No.1 (66), p.15-19.
  • A.V. Demchishin, Yu.A. Kurapov, V.A. Michenko, E.G. Kostin, E.G. Ternovoj. Cylindrical cathode-arc plasma sources for evaporation in vacuum. J. Problemy spetsialnoi electrometallurgii, Kiev, (2002), No.3 (68), p.24-27. (in Russian)
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