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Prof. A.V. Demchishin
Dr. Yu.A. Kurapov

RAPID : new and perspective vacuum and plasma technologies

An equipment and vacuum-plasma methods of coating deposition

Scientific Task Group "PLASMION"

Advanced equipment, technologies, coatings

Equipment and technologies for an ion-plasma coating deposition in vacuum

A task group deals with development of ion-plasma coating deposition technologies (a vacuum-arc evaporation and magnetron sputtering) and is engaged in designing and fabrication of appropriate equipment.

The ion-plasma methods are aimed at:

deposition of wear -, corrosion -, erosion - resistant, tribotechnical, conductive, protective - decorative and other functional coatings onto articles made of metal, ceramic, glass and polymeric materials.

Possibilities of the methods:

  • deposition of metallic and non-metallic coatings with a good adhesion to substrates
  • deposition of multilayered coatings;
  • deposition of coatings with a nanocrystal structure;
  • deposition of coatings onto external and internal surfaces of conventional and lengthy items;
  • deposition of diamond-like coatings.

Coating properties:

  • high density;high hardness;
  • good conductivity;
  • good compatibility;
  • low substrate temperature;high fatigue strength.

Methods provide:

  • an increase in life-time of metal-cutting tools ( 2…5 times );
  • an improvement of erosion-, corrosion-resistance properties of shafts, rods, rings, valves, plungers, etc. ( 4…6 times );
  • an increase of erosion and corrosion resistance of gas / vapor turbine blades ( 2…3 times ).

Energy consumption and ecology :

  • lower energy consumption vs. galvanic deposition ;
  • ecology friendly.

Areas of application :

  • tools ;
  • machine-building industry ;
  • thermal power ;
  • microelectronics ;
  • transport ;
  • printing and packaging industry.

Economical efficiency :

  • a decrease in expenditure on equipment repair ;
  • a decrease in expenses on re-adjustment of equipment ;
  • energy saving ;
  • material saving.

Engineering developments:

  • cylinder- and planar-type vacuum arc evaporators;
  • cylinder- and planar-type magnetrons;
  • generators of gas and metallic plasma;
  • laboratory,research,pilot and specialized ion-plasma vacuum installations;
  • industrial ion-plasma vacuum installations.

The task group has designed industrial ion plasma VI-1000 and VI-1200 installations with vacuum chambers 1000 and 1200 mm in diameter, 1400 and 2000 mm in height respectively. The installations are equipped with planar and cylinder-type ion plasma evaporators in order to meet different industrial applications.

Types of collaboration:

  • a development of technical documentation for separate assemblies and vacuum installations;
  • a manufacture of assemblies / installations and delivering to customers;
  • author's supervision for mounting, assembling, putting in operation the installation and during a guarantee period;
  • training of personnel;
  • fulfillment of R&D and technological works.
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