"Investigation of Damping of Non-linear Large Amplitude Langmuir Oscillations via Computer Simulation"

Artem V. Kovalenko
Institute of Physics
National Akademy of Sciences



Dr.Sci., Prof. I.A. Soloshenko
Head of Gaseous Electronics Dept., Deputy Director of Institute of Physics of NASU


Dr.Sci., Prof. T.A. Davydova
«Kiev Nuclear Research Institute», Head of Plasma Theory Dept.

C.Sci., Senior Sci. V.I. Zasenko
Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics

Profile Organisation:

«Kharkov Physical-Technic Institute»

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Kovalenko A.V

Investigation of damping of non-linear large amplitude Langmuir oscillations via computer simulation

Thesis for a candidate's degree by speciality 01.04.04 - physical electronics. - Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, 1999.


The thesis is dedicated to clarifying the mechanisms of damping of large amplitude Langmuir oscillations in a collisionless plasma. There are considered the peculiarities of electron oscillations in different geometrical systems such as a transversely bounded plasma consisting of positive and negative ions; a non-equilibrium plasma layer; boundless homogeneous and inhomogeneous plasmas. It is showed that the electrical field of Langmuir oscillations of a cold plasma contains a time-independent component leading to a movement of ions. In case of a plasma layer in the central part of it, they start to move to the centre of the layer, despite the fact that the layer, as a whole, has a positive charge. This results in intersection of electron trajectories after a while, i.e. a one-dimensional turbulence develops in the system. In a cold plasma electron trajectories cross at any amplitudes of initial perturbation. It is pointed out that there is a major difference between the turbulization of Langmuir oscillations under study and the modulation instability in a warm plasma. The formula for time of intersection is obtained. To study a possible aperiodic heating of plasma electrons in the electrical field of strong Langmuir oscillations having energy exceeding the thermal plasma energy, it is proposed a new computational method. It permits to differentiate the physical and non-physical (numerical) growth of temperature.

Key words: plasma, Langmuir oscillations, turbulization, computer simulation, time of intersection, self-focusing.

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