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E.O. Paton Electric Welding  Institute
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery
Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

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Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
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Prof. B.E. Paton
Prof. V.S. Gvozdetsky
11 Bozhenko St.,
Kiev 03680, Ukraine
Tel.:(380 44) 227 1544

Prof. Yu.A. Furmanov
30, G.Sevastopolya St.,
Kiev 03680, Ukraine
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m_02.jpg (7987 bytes)Employed in plasma surgery is the action of high-temperature (about 10000K) plasma jet on biological tissues to dissect and weld tissues, to stop bleeding and to remove neoplasms (tumours, abscesses, etc.).
The fields of applications of plasma surgical apparatus are general surgery, gynaecology, oncology, urology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, traumatology, veterinary medicine.
The main operational quality of plasma surgery is a bactericidal action, insignificant traumatizing of biological tissues and reliable hemostasis, especially, for parenchimatous organ operations.
Depending on parameters of plasma jet, it can be used for both dissection of tissues and coagulation of wound surfaces.
m_01.jpg (9094 bytes)The apparatus consists of the servicing module with two manipulators, a power cable and remote starting pedal. Placed inside the servicing module are the gas (argon) storage and feed system, water cooling module, conversion and control system. The conversion and control system consists of the control and indication unit, conversion and firing block, power panel and cables.

Argon can be delivered from two 5-litre built-in bottles or from an external bottle. The water cooling module is designed in the form of a flow circuit with heat exchangers for heat removal to the environment. Plasmatrons can be switched on with the use of both the desk (panel) and the remote pedal. If a malfunction takes place, the plasmatron will be switched off, and one of the following signals will be put out to the control and indication panel:

  • “no water in plasmatron-destructor”,
  • “no water in plasmatron-coagulator”,
  • “no gas”,
  • “short-circuit” in power line of plasmatrons,
  • “no grounding” (when there is an open- circuit)

The apparatus is equipped with a service life counter.

Technical characteristics of plasma surgical complex

Plasma-producing gas
The number of plasmatrons
Heat output of plasma jet
Arc discharge current
Arc discharge voltage
Gas consumption
Power supply voltage
Supply frequency
Power consumption at 220V
Overall dimensions

70...350 W
6...25 A
25...40 V
0,5...2,0 L/min
220± 22 V
50...60 Hz
1,6 kW
panel, pedal
132 kg
560õ460õ2100 mm

For more information on PlasmaMed call:
info.gif (749 bytes)
Prof. V. S. Gvozdetsky,
Dept. «Gas Discharge Physics and Plasma Devices»
Paton Welding Institute, 11 Bozhenko St., Kiev 03680, Ukraine,
Tel.: (380 44) 227 1544
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