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10th International Symposium on the
Production and Neutralization of Negative Ions and Beams

September 14-17, 2004.


You are welcomed to view/download proceedings of the 10-th International Symposium on Production and Neutralization of Negative Ions and Beams from the list presented below.

Please note: the Symposium proceedings are copyrighted by the American Institute of Physics.


The 10-th International Symposium on Production and Neutralization of Negative Ions and Beams was held in Kiev (Ukraine), on September 13-17, 2004. Sequence of those symposia was initiated by Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA) in 1977. Initial seven meetings were held in Brookhaven with an interval of three years between them. The eighth meeting was arranged in Villagium of Giens (France) in 1997, and the ninth one - in CEA Saclay, close to Paris (France) in 2002.

The decision about arrangement of the 10-th Symposium in Kiev was made at previous Conference on Ion Sources (ICIS03) in 2003. In the Former Soviet Union Kiev was a traditional place of holding annual workshops on physics and techniques of ion sources and ion beams. Outstanding quantity of specialists from Russia and Ukraine were able to attend the 10-th Symposium. 34 reports on researches in areas of knowledge traditional for this symposium (fundamental processes; hydrogen and deuterium negative ion sources; extraction, acceleration, transportation and neutralization of ions; the applications) have been presented. Researches in those areas were stimulated mainly by the two problems: 1) plasma heating in thermonuclear setups by means powerful beams of neutral particles, and 2) creation of spallation source based on high-power accelerators. Solution of the first problem requires high-current beams with current value up to 20 A which can be formed only from large plasma surface by means of multi-aperture extracting systems; and for solving of the second problem bright beams with current value up to 60 mA are required. We hope that the 10-th Symposium has made essential contribution to solving of two those problems.

We are grateful to all organizations and persons assisting us in arrangement of this Symposium - National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) that were sponsors of the Symposium; Local Organizing Committee which arranged appropriate conditions for work of the Symposium; International Organizing Committee which formed interesting program of the Symposium; Mr. Joseph Sherman and Mr. Yuri Belchenko who agreed to edit Proceedings of the Symposium; and, finally, all participants for their active work on presentation and consideration of the reports.

We hope that the next Symposium will be arranged by Los Alamos National Laboratory in one of cities of New Mexico (USA).

Igor Soloshenko
Institute of Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Kiev, Ukraine



Development of the Long Pulse Negative Ion Source for ITER
R.Hemsworth, D.Boilson, U.Fanz, L.Svensson, H. de Esch, A.Krylov, P.Massmann, and B.Zaniol
Load Hemsworth.pdf 223570 bytes

Status of Negative-Ion-Based Neutral Beam Injectors in LHD
O.Kaneko, Y.Takeiri, Y.Oka, K.Tsumori, M.Osakabe, K.Ikeda, K.Nagaoka, T.Kawamoto, T.Kondo, and M.Sato
Load Kaneko.pdf 1468501 bytes

Experimental Results with the New ITER-like 1 MV SINGAP Accelerator
L.Svensson, D.Boilson, H. de Esch, R.Hemsworth, and P.Massmann
Load Svensson.pdf 542703 bytes

Correction of Beam Distortion in Negative Hydrogen Ion Source with Multi-Slot Grounded Grid

Plasma Injection from Several Cesiated-Hollow Cathodes into the Large H- Ion Source
Y.Oka, Yu.Belchenko, V.Davydenko, K.Ikeda, O.Kaneko, K.Nagaoka, M.Osakabe, Y.Takeiri, K.Tsumori, E.Asano, T.Kawamoto, T.Kondo, and M.Sato
Load Belchenko1.pdf 343260 bytes


Isotope Effect of H-/D- Volume Production in Low-Pressure H2/D2 Plasmas - Negative Ion Densities Versus Plasma Parameters
O.Fukumasa and S.Mori
Load Fukumasa1.pdf 290235 bytes

Twenty Five Years of Vibrational Kinetics and Negative Ion Production in H2 Plasmas: Modelling Aspects
M.Capitelli, O.De Pascale, P.Diomede, A.Gicquel, C.Gorse, K.Hassouni, S.Longo, and D.Pagano
Load Capitelli.pdf 1041832 bytes

Progress in Elementary Processes for Negative Ion Source Modeling
M.Capitelli, M.Cacciatore, R.Celiberto, F.Esposito, A.Laricchiuta, and M.Rutigliano
Load Laricchiuta.pdf 949880 bytes

Effects of a Weak Transverse Magnetic Field and a Spatial Potential on Negative Ion Transport in Negative Ion Sources
T.Sakurabayashi, A.Hatayama, and M.Bacal
Load Sakurabayashi.pdf 295451 bytes

2D PIC-MCC Code for Electron-Hydrogen Gas Interaction Study in H- Ion Sources
K.Benmeziane, R.Ferdinand, R.Gobin, and G.Gousset
Load Benmeziane.pdf 185714 bytes

Relevance of Volume and Surface Plasma Generation of Negative Ions in Gas Discharges
Load Dudnikov1.pdf 560324 bytes

Volume Production of High Negative Hydrogen Ion Density in Low-Voltage Cesium-Hydrogen Discharge
F.Baksht, V.Ivanov, S.Shkolnik, and M.Bacal
Load Ivanov.pdf 26283 bytes


Emittance Analysis and Ghost Signal Busting in Allison Emittance Scanners
M.Stockli, M.Leitner, D.Moehs, R.Keller, and R.Welton

Extraction Probability of Negative Ions from Hydrogen Ion Sources - Effect of Filter Magnetic Field and Gas Pressure
O.Fukumasa, and R.Nishida
Load Fukumasa2.pdf 848777 bytes

Acceleration of 100 A/m2 Negative Hydrogen Ion Beams in a 1 MeV Vacuum Insulated Beam Source
M.Taniguchi, T.Inoue, M.Kashiwagi , M.Hanada , K.Watanabe, K.Seki, and K.Sakamoto
Load Taniguchi.pdf 1040980 bytes

Space Charge Lens for Focusing of Negative Ion Beams
I.Soloshenko, V.Goretsky, and A.Zavalov
Load Soloshenko.pdf 972285 bytes

Sub Microsecond Notching of a Negative Hydrogen Beam at Low Energy Utilizing a Magnetron Ion Source with a Split Extractor
Load Moehs.pdf 881346 bytes

Mathematical Formulation and Numerical Modelling of the Extraction of H- Ions
Load Becker.pdf 48928 bytes


ECR-driven Multicusp Volume H- Ion Source
M.Bacal, A.A.Ivanov Jr., C.Rouille, S.Bechu, and J.Pelletier
Load Bacal.pdf 165767 bytes

Peculiarities of Compact Surface-Plasma Sources Operation (Practical Aspects)
Load Dudnikov2.pdf 1302958 bytes

Finding the Optimum Frequency and the H- Distribution in the HERA RF-Volume Ion Source
Load Peters.pdf 526064 bytes

H- Source with Volumetric - Plasma Formation of Ions
Yu.Kursanov, P.Litvinov, and V.Baturin
Load Baturin1.pdf 298944 bytes

Flash Chamber of a Quasi-Continuous Volume Source of Negative Ions
P.Litvinov, and V.Baturin
Load Baturin2.pdf 414185 bytes

Advances in the Ion Source Research and Development Program at ISIS
D.Faircloth, J.W.G.Thomason, R.Sidlow, M.Whitehead, and C.Thomas
Load Faircloth.pdf 630902 bytes

Physical Insights and Test Stand Results for the LANSCE H- Surface Converter Source
J.Sherman, E.Chacon-Golcher, E.Geros, E.Jacobson, P.Lara, B.Meyer, P.Naffziger, G.Rouleau, S.Schaller, R.Stevens, Jr., and T.Zaugg
Load Sherman.pdf 1202864 bytes

H- Source Developments at CERN
C.Hill, D.Kuechler, R.Scrivens, and T.Steiner
Load Kuechler.pdf 984259 bytes

Source of Negative Hydrogen Ions with Hot Cathode
G.Kuznetsov, and M.Batazova
Load Kuznetsov.pdf 264171 bytes

Polarized Negative Light Ions at the Cooler Synchrotron COSY/Juelich
R.Gebel, O.Felden, and P. von Rossen
Load Gebel.pdf 518193 bytes

Status of the Negative Hydrogen Ion Test Stand at CEA Saclay
R.Gobin, K.Benmeziane, O.Delferriere, R.Ferdinand, A.Girard, and F.Harrault
Load Gobin.pdf 72967 bytes

Recent Advances in the Performance and Understanding of the SNS Ion Source
R.Welton, M.Stockli, S.Murray, and R.Keller
Load Welton.pdf 280561 bytes


Neutralization of H- Ions on the Plasma Target
V.Baturin, and P.Litvinov
Load Baturin3.pdf 339644 bytes

Energy Spectrum of Atoms Stripped from Negative Ions in a Multi-Stage Negative Ion Accelerator


Study of Direct Current Negative Ion Source for the Medicine Accelerator
Yu.Belchenko, I.Ivanov, and I.Piunov
Load Belchenko2.pdf 230426 bytes

Stripping Target of 2.5 MeV 10 mA Tandem Accelerator
V.Davydenko, A.Dranichnikov, A.Ivanov, G.Krainov, A.Krivenko, and V.Shirokov
Load Davydenko.pdf 359109 bytes

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