10th International Symposium on the
Production and Neutralization of Negative Ions and Beams

will be held by the Institute of Physics of NASU in Kiev (Ukraine) on
September 14-17, 2004.

This meeting focuses on negative ion sources, especially the technical and fundamental progress accomplished since the 9th symposium held in May 2002, at CEA/Saclay, France. Reviews, status and progress reports on technical ion source developments and fundamental physics research on the formation and neutralization of negative ions will be presented. Ample opportunities for discussions and exchange of ideas will be provided. Proceedings will be published.


M. Bacal, Ecole Polytechnique (France)
R. Becker, University of Frankfurt (Germany)
Y. Belchenko, INP, Novosibirsk (Russia)
R. Gobin, CEA/Saclay (France)
R. Hemsworth, CEA/Cadarache (France)
T. Inoue, JAERI (Japan)
K.N. Leung, Berkeley (USA)
J. Sherman, LANL (USA)
M. Stockli (Co-chair), SNS (USA)
I. Soloshenko (Chair), IP NASU (Ukraine)
J. Peters, DESY (Germany)
J. Thomason, Rutherford (UK)

The program will include comprehensive invited papers, shorter communications and discussions. The following is a preliminary list of topics :

  • Fundamental processes
  • H-(D-) sources, their variety and different applications
  • Production of heavier negative ions
  • Acceleration and neutralization of negative ion beams
  • Beam transportation
  • Fusion applications
  • Neutral beam systems; near future applications

of the 10-th International Symposium on Production and Neutralization of Negative Ions and Beams
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A 200 € registration fee will provide conference facilities, transportation, the conference dinner, and the conference proceedings. (The registration fee value may be reduced, if sponsors will be found for the Symposium.)

Further details will be forthcoming only if a reply is received. Please fill out the registration form and return it no later than May 30, 2004.

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Please return completed form (reply by e-mail is preferred) before May 30, 2004 to secretary of the Symposium:

Vladimir Bazhenov
Institute of Physics of NAS Ukraine
Prospekt Nauki, 46
03650 Kiev-39, Ukraine
Phone : + (380 44) 265 5024
E-mail : bazhenov@iop.kiev.ua

For inquiries please contact :

Igor Soloshenko, chair

E-mail: solosh@iop.kiev.ua
Fax : + (380 44) 265 1589
"for Igor Soloshenko"

Martin Stockli, co-chair

Phone: + 1 (865) 241 8817
E-mail: stockli@ornl.gov

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