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Sputtering is a PVD method involving the removal of material from a solid cathode. This is accomplished by bombarding the cathode with positive ions emitted from a rare gas discharge. When ions with high kinetic energy are incident on the cathode, the subsequent collisions sputter atoms from the material. The process of transferring momentum from impacting ions to surface atoms forms the basis of sputter coating. The film deposited by this method is uniform in thickness and capable of covering areas usually shadowed by other deposition methods.
The sputter deposition system consists (in a general case ) of a vacuum chamber, sputter sources, a substrate holder and a pumping system.
The control panel selects the target source and substrate position and controls the sputtering power. The vacuum system contains a mechanical pump, a turbo pump, throttle valve, and chamber. The separate RF power supply is remote. It supplies the RF power needed to generate plasma in the deposition chamber.

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