I International Young Scientist Conference on Applied Physics

GoTo Source Info20-23 June 2001 Kyiv Ukraine
Radiophysics faculty, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (http://www.rpd.univ.kiev.ua/conference)

The conference is organized by:

- Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University;
- Radiophysics Faculty;
- Scientific Society of Students and Postgraduates of the Radiophysics Faculty.

The conference is sponsored by:

- State Intercommunication and Information Committee of Ukraine;
- Scientific Industrial Company VD MAIS;
- Ukrainian Physical Society;
- Youth Center on Assistance of Education, Science and Culture Devolopement of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

General information

Students, post-graduate students and young scientists working in the branch of applied physics (radiophysics and electronics) are invited to take part in the conference. The best Ukrainian specialists will give a lectures on plenary sessions. The reports will be lectured in the sections. The conference proceedings will be published.
Cultural program will be organized for the participants.
Registration fee is not foreseen.
The main organizer of the conference is the Radiophysics Faculty of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. During almost fifty years it is the prominent center of high education and scientific researches in radiophysics and electronics. Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University was founded in 1834. It possesses the unique position among the high schools of Ukraine, this position was recently accepted by the special edict of the President. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine, the famous scientific and cultural center of the Central Europe. It is widely known due to its 1500 years old history and numerous memorials.

Scientific program:

1. Basic physics of plasma technologies.
2. Magnetic excitations in solids.
3. Nonlinear optics.
4. Oscillations and waves in radiophysics and electronics.
5. Physical methods and information technologies in medical and biological researches.
6. Physics of nanophysic systems.
7. Physics of semicondactor systems.
8. Physics of sygnal recording.

Program committee:

Yu. I. Chutov, Professor
V. V. Danilov, Professor
V. F. Kovalenko, Professor
S. M. Levitsky, Professor
G. A. Melkov, Professor, Dean of Radiophysics Faculty
M. G. Nahodkin, Academician of NAN of Ukraine
M. K. Novoselets, Associate Professor
V. V. Obukhovsky, Professor
Karl Patton, Professor, Colorado University, USA
M. S. Ryabchenko, President of Ukrainian Physical Society, Corresponding Member of NAN of Ukraine
O. V. Tretyak, Professor, Vice-Rector of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

Local organizing committee:

O. V. Tretyak, Professor - Chairman
G. A. Melkov, Professor - Vice-Chairman
I. O. Anisimov, Associate Professor - Vice-Chairman
O. Y. Nechiporuk, Associate Professor - Vice-Chairman
M. L. Myrontsov, student - secretary
V. I. Grigoruk, Associate Professor
S. S. Kilchitska, Associate Professor
P. V. Melnik, Professor
T. V. Siversky, student
O. O. Sudakov, post-graduate student
A. M. Veklich, Associate Professor

Conference proceedings

Scientific committee invites the participants to submit the reports within the conference subject areas (electronic versions, maximum 2 pages in English) formed according to the rules. The deadline for the reporta submission is May, 15, 2001. The final selection of the contributions and their distribution among the sections will be made by the Scientific Committee. Authors of the accepted reports will get invitations to the conference before June,1, 2001. The conference proceedings will be published before conference beginning and distributed among the participants.


The participants will be able to live free in the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University hotel "Universitetsky" from June, 20 to June, 23, 2001 (10 minutes walk from the conference site).

Format for contributed papers

Please send the contributions in the electronic form (in English, maximum 2 pages A4 format). Text editor - Microsoft Word 95, Microsoft Word 97. Font type - Times New Roman. Top margin - 2.5cm, bottom margin - 3cm, left margin - 3cm, right margin - 1.5cm.

Please, format your contributions in the following wa+y:
- title (capital bold letters, font size - 14, centered);
- blank line;
- author's initials and surnames (bold type, font size - 14, centered);
- name of the organization, address, e-mail, (italic type, font size - 14, centering);
- blank line;
- abstract (maximum 10 lines, italic type, font size - 12, bilateral alignment);
- blank line;
- report text (font size - 12, bilateral alignment, indention size - 1cm), heading lines (font size - 12, bold type, centering), separate parts are disjoint using blank lines. Pictures (bmp, jpeg or gif formats), picture captions (font size - 12, italic type). Formula editors - Microsoft Equation 2 or Microsoft Equation 3. References - reference numbers in square brackets;
- blank line;
- references form: for articles - list number, author's initials and surnames, journal, year, volume, page numbers. For books - list number, author's initials and surnames, title, publishing house, publication place and date. For conference proceedings - list number, author's initials and surnames, conference name, conferencing place and date, volume (if necessary). For Internet resources - list number, author's initials and surnames, URL.

Important: reports will be published without text editing.
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