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The Plasma-Master Co., Ltd was founded in 1992 and has industrial science profile. The company unites scientists and engineers from the Paton Electric Welding Institute with a rich experience of scientific investigation and industrial developments.

The Company has powerful production section. It is fitted with modern surfacing, welding and mechanical equipment. There are more than 40 pcs. This makes it possible to perform the most responsible works.

The staff of the Company is 25 persons.

The main lines of activity:

  • development and application of new technological processes of plasma transferred arc (PTA) surfacing method;
  • development and manufacture PTA equipment according to order of clients;
  • development of plasma torch for PTA-process;
  • reconditioning and repair of machine parts by welding and surfacing using the own production facilities;
  • rendering consultation services on selection of technologies and materials for welding production;
  • modernisation of standard equipment and its adaptation to the production conditions of the client.

Basic objects of application:
  • screw conveyers and automatic material heat softening machines;
  • valves and seat of internal combustion engines;
  • pipeline valves of various purposes;
  • cutting and stamping tools;
  • crankshafts of heavy-duty trucks;
  • liners of various pumps;
  • plain bearings.

We are glad to be useful for you !

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Dr. Alexander I. Som
Plasma Master Co. Ltd.,
14 Jakytskaya St.,
Kiev 03680, Ukraine
Tel.: (38 044) 476-7599
Fax: (38 044) 475-3598
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