I.M. Protsenko, photo(4 K)

PROTSENKO Ivan Makarovich

Institute of Physics
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
pr. Nauki, 46 , Kiev 03039 , Ukraine

Tel/Fax: (38-044) 265-78-24

Candidate of Sciences (Phys. & Math.) [Ph.D.], Senior Physicist


He received his B.S. degree in experimental physics from the Kiev State University in 1958 and Ph.D. degree in physical electronics from the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 1972. Occupies the position of Senior Physicist. He has over 40 experimental publication in referred journals concerning the stabilization of pinch discharges, ion beam plasma systems, plasma and ion optics, intense ion sources and other. In particular, he investigated several kinds of instabilities in ion-beam systems in the longitudinal magnetic field and disclosed the conditions of obtaining strong electric fields in the plasma lens.
He is a member of the Ukrainian Physical Society.

Representative Publications

  • Goncharov A., Dobrovolsky A., Zatnagan A., Protsenko I.., "High-Current Plasma Lens". IEEE Trans.Plasma Sci., Vol.21, no.5, pp.573-577, 1993
  • Goncharov A.,  Zatnagan A., Protsenko I.., "Focusing and Control of Multiaperture Ion Beams by Plasma Lens" . IEEE Trans.Plasma Sci., Vol.21, pp.578-581, 1993
  • A.A.Goncharov,  I.M. Protsenko, G.Ya. Yushkov and Ian G. Brown, "Focusing of High-Current Heavy Ion Beams with an Electrostatic Plasma Lens". Applied Physics Letters, Vol.75, no.7, pp.911-913, 1999
  • Alexey A.Goncharov,  Sergey M. Gubarev , Andrey N. Dobrovoskii, Ivan .M. Protsenko, Irina V. Litovko and Ian G. Brown, "Moderate Energy Metal Ion Beam Focusing by a High-Current Plasma Lens". IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci., Vol.27, no.4, pp.1068-1072, 1999
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