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Prof. S.M. Levitsky, photo (3 KB)

Prof. Sergiy M. LEVITSKY

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University,
Radio Physics Faculty,
Electron Physics Cathedra

Tel: (380 44) 266 0552


Present position: Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University , Radio Physics Faculty , Electron Physics Cathedra, Professor.

Education: Kyiv Polytechnical Institute, Radiotechnical Faculty, specialty "Radiotechnics", qualification of radio engineer. Graduated at 1949.

Academic background:       
      1954 - PhD at Physics and Mathematics;
      1957 - Associate Professor;
      1972 - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics;
      1977 - Professor.

Honour titles: Honoured Professor of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.

Academical titles: Full member of High School Academy.

       1949 - 1952: Kyiv State University, Post-graduate student;
       1952 - 1957: Kyiv State University, Senior Lecturer;
       1957 - 1974: Kyiv State University, Associate Professor;
       1974 - 1989: Kyiv State University, Head of the department;
       since 1989: Kyiv National University, Professor.

Birthday and birthplace: Oct 25, 1926, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Selected Publications:

  • S.M. Levitsky. Potential of space and electrode sputtering under high-frequency discharge in the gas. Journal of Technical Physics. 1957, v.27, No 5, p. 1001 - 1011 (in Russian);
  • S.M. Levitsky, I.P. Shashurin. Spatial developing of the plasma-beam instability. Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics. 1967, v.52, No2, p. 350 - 356 (in Russian);
  • S.M. Levitsky, I.P. Shashurin. Electron - beam relaxation in a plasma. Nuclear Fusion. 1971, v.11, No2, p.111 - 117;
  • S.M. Levitsky, N.A. Abdrahmanov, V.P. Timchenko. Influence of Geomagnetic field on diffusion of meteor traces. High Schools' Bulletin. Radiophysics. 1982, v.25, No11, p.1240 - 1243 (in Russian);
  • I.A. Anisimov, S.M. Levitsky, A.V. Opanasenko, L.I. Romanyuk. Experimental detection of plasma barriers' transillumination with electronic beams. Journal of Technical Physics. 1991, v.61, No3, p.59 - 62 (in Russian);
  • S.M. Levitsky. On the possibility of meteor traces' fine structure research with radar methods. Bulletin of Kiev University. Astronomy. 1999, v.35, p. 84 - 87 (in Ukrainian).

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