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Dr. A.I. Kuzmichev, photo (3 KB)

Anatoly Ivanovitch

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Kiev Polytechnical Institute"

Department of Electron Devices
pr. Pobedy 37, KPI-2230
Kiev 03056, Ukraine

Tel. (38-044) 454-95-03

Associate Professor, Ph.D.


A.Kuzmichev was born on January 1, 1948. He graduated from the Kiev Polytechnical Institute as an engineer of electronics in 1971, studied at the post-graduate school in 1974-78 and obtained the degree of the candidate in technical sciences (Ph.D) in 1980; the thesis was devoted to study of transient processes in low pressure gas discharges. Since 1971 he has been working for National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnical Institute”, Department of Electron Devices: at the beginning as an engineer in the laboratory of gas discharge pulse technique, since 1979 as a lecturer and an associate professor (courses: vacuum technique, technology of electron devices, beam's and ion-plasma treatment, plasma electronics, electronics for ecology and medicine). He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (societies: Electron Devices, Nuclear and Plasma Sciences, Power Electronics) and a member of the Ukrainian Vacuum Society.

Research and Development activities:

Main fields of research: theory of low-pressure gas discharges and their applications to thin-film and coating technology, material treatment and switching of energy; high-pressure discharges for ozone generation and low-temperature sterilization.
Current research and development interests:
  • pulsed magnetron sputtering for thin film technology;
  • ion and plasma enhanced deposition of thin films and coatings with electron beam and inductive evaporation, pulsed DC, MF and RF ionizing discharges, pulsed substrate bias;
  • pulse modulators and power supply sources for pulse plasma technology;
  • the ozone equipment for electronics, ozonetherapy , sterilization and ecology;
  • vacuum and gas discharge (plasma) microelectronics;
  • new material for electronics.
Publications and patents: 3 monographs, more than 150 publications in journals and conference proceedings, 48 inventions in the fields of ion-plasma technology, high-power pulse switch devices and technique, ozonetherapy.

Selected Publications:

  • Simulation of Low Pressure Gas Discharge Switch Devices. The Electrical Strength in Predischarge Period / V.S. Boldasov, S.V. Denbnovetsky, A.I. Kuzmichev - Kiev: Inst. System Researches of Education. 1996, 140 p. - ISBN 5-7763-9411-2 [in Russian].
  • Ion-plasma and ion-beam technological devices / S.V. Denbnovetsky, V.T. Barchenko, A.I. Kuzmichev et al - Kiev: Kiev Polytechnical Inst. 1992, 224 p. - ISBN 5-7763-1001-6 [in Russian].
  • Modelling of plasma generators / S.V. Denbnovetsky, V.T. Barchenko, A.I. Kuzmichev et al - Kiev: Kiev Polytechnical Inst. 1990, 216 p. - ISBN 5-7763-0034-7 [in Russian].
  • Composition of Ti-C:H films obtained by pulsed and continuous magnetron sputtering / V. Kulikovsky, A.I. Kuzmichev, P. Bohac, Z. Hubicka, K. Jurek, L. Jastrabik.. - Surface and Coating Technology. 2005. Vol. 200. No 1-4, pp.620-624.
  • Impact excitation of MF magnetron discharge for PVD processes / A. Kuzmichev, O. Bevza, H. Steffen, R. Hippler. – Vacuum. 2005. Vol. 78. No 2-4, pp.611-615.
  • Investigation of a pulsed magnetron sputtering discharge with a vacuum pentode modulator power supply / A. Kuzmichev, S. Sidorenko, H. Steffen, R. Hippler, V. Kulikovsky. – Vacuum. 2004. Vol. 72. No 1, pp.59-69.
  • Simulation of the sputtered atom transport during a pulse deposition process in single- and dual-magnetron systems / A. Kuzmichev, I. Goncharuk. - IEEE Trans. on Plasma Science. 2003. Vol. 31. No 5. Pt. 1, pp.994-1000.
  • Kinetic processes in a plasma of barrier discharge in atmospheric air. Influence of water vapor on biological activity of generated medium / V.Yu. Bazhenov, A.V. Ryabtsev, A. I. Kuzmichev et al. – Ukrainian Physical Journal. 2003. Vol. 48. No 1, pp.27-32.
  • Mechanism for initiation of pseudospark discharge by ions ejected from the anode side / K. Frank, Yu.D. Korolev, A.I. Kuzmichev. - IEEE Trans. on Plasma Science. 2002. Vol. 30. No 1, pp.357-362.
  • Hybrid model of the thin-film deposition by cathode sputtering in a DC glow discharge / A.I. Kuzmichev. - Journal of Technical Physics (Poland). 1999. Vol. 40. No 1, pp. 233-236.
  • Transformerless and pulse-modulated power source of magnetron sputtering units from an AC supply line / A.I. Kuzmichev. - Instruments and Experimental Techniques (Russia). 1997. V. 40. No 6, pp.852-855.
  • Modelling the gas discharge systems with moving the particles in "strong" field regime / A.I. Kuzmichev - Elektronika I sv'jaz (Electronics and communication, Ukraine). 1997. No 3, Part 1, pp.13-34 [in Russian].
  • A possible mechanism of secondary electron emission augmentation in the hollow cathode discharge due to bombardment of the cathode surface by reflected atoms / A. Kuzmichev. Proc. 17-th European Conf. on Atomic & Molecular Physics of Ionized Gases. Romania, Constanta. 2004, pp. 135-136.
  • Characteristics of pulse magnetron discharge with power supply from a capacitor energy storage / A.I. Kuzmichev, Yu.I. Melnyk, V.Yu. Kulikovsky, P. Bohac, L. Jastrabik. - Proc. 26-th Int. Conf. on Phenomena in Ionized Gases. Germany, Greifswald. 2003. Vol. 4, pp. 123-124.
  • Pulsed regimes of energy input to the gas discharge and the substrate for control of plasma treatment processes / A.I. Kuzmichev, Yu.I. Melnik, S.B. Sidorenko, V.Yu. Kulikovsky. - Proc. of 4-th Czech-Russian Seminar on "Electrophysical and Thermophysical Processes in Low-Temperature Plasma". Czech Rep., Brno, 2000, pp. 126-128 (
  • Characteristics of pseudospark devices with electrodes containing LaB6 / A.I. Kuzmichev, V.I. Kryzhanovsky, D.V. Bochkov. - Proc. 19-th Int. Symp. on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum. China, Xi'an, 2000. V.1, pp. 343-346.
  • Features of steralization by different types of atmospheric pressure discharges / A.I. Kuzmichev, V.V. Tsiolko et al. - Contr. Pap. Int. Symp. on High Pressure, Low Temperature Plasma Chemistry HAKONE VII, Germany, Greifswald, 2000. V. 2, pp. 402-406 (
  • Multi-corona discharge reactor for generation of ozone / A.I. Kuzmichev, V.I. Krizanovskij, Yu.I. Melnik, Ya.O. Yakovenko - Proc. 14th Int. Symp. on Plasma Chemistry. Czech Rep., Prague, 1999. V. 2, pp. 2691-2696.
  • Characteristics of superdense glow discharge with hollow cathode in magnetic field / A.I. Kuzmichev, V.I. Krizanovskij - Proc. 24-th Int. Conf. on Phenomena in Ionized Gases. Poland, Warsaw, 1999. V. 3, pp. 23-24.
  • Ionization by high-energy atoms reflected from cathode in high-voltage low-pressure discharges / D.A. Kuzmichev, V.S. Boldasov, A.I. Kuzmichev, D.S. Fillipychev - Proc. 24-th Int. Conf. on Phenomena in Ionized Gases. Poland, Warsaw, 1999. V. 3, pp. 53-54.
  • Numerical simulation of abnormal behaviour of breakdown characteristics in helium below Paschen-curve minimum / A.I. Kuzmichev, V.S. Boldasov, D.A. Kuzmichev - Proc. 12-th Int. Conf. on Gas Discharges and Their Applications. Germany, Greifswald, 1997. V.2, pp. 696-699.
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