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Dr. Anatoliy G. Borisenko

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Scientific Center "Institute for Nuclear Research"
Department of Plasma Physics
Pr. Nauki 47, Kiev 03680, Ukraine

Tel: (380-044) 265-45-24
Fax (380-044) 265-44-63

C. Sc. (Phys. & Math.) [ Ph.D. ]


Anatoliy G. Borisenko was born in Genichesk, Ukraine. He received the B.S. degree in physics from the Kharkov State University in 1968 and the Ph.D. degree in physical and mathematical sciences from Kiev National University in 1977. He is a Senior Research Scientist at the Scientific Center"Institute for Nuclear Research" of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He was published more then 80 research papers on nonlinear ion beam - plasma interaction, vacuum arc discharge in anode material vapors and their applications.
Dr. Borisenko is a member of the Ukrainian Vacuum Society.

Scientific interests include:

Representative Publications:

  • A.G.Borisenko, G.S.Kirichenko, "Experimental investigation of the effective slowing down of an ion beam in a plasma during ion-acoustic instability", Soviet Physics JETP, vol.33, no.1, pp.207-209, 1971.
  • A.G.Borisenko, G.S.Kirichenko, "Relaxation of ion beam injected into a plasma transversely to a magnetic field", JETP Lett. (USA), vol.16, no.6, pp.247-249, 20 Sept. 1972.
  • A.G.Borisenko, G.S.Kirichenko, "Relaxation of two-streaming ion motion in plasma in weak transverse magnetic field", 11th Int. Conf. Phenom. Ionized Gases, Prague, 1973. - Prague.- 1973. Pp.394.
  • A.G.Borisenko, G.S.Kirichenko, "The mechanism of effective collisionlless ion-beam-plasma interaction in a transverse magnetic field", Sov. J. Plasma Phys. (USA), vol. 3, no. 2, pp.351-356, March - April 1977.
  • A.G.Borisenko, A.V.Kravchenko, V.A.Saenko, "Magnetless plasma metallizer", Instruments and Experimental Techniques, no.2, pp.257-261, 1992.
  • V.A.Saenko, A.G.Borisenko, V.A.Rudnitsky, "Plasma chemical reactors for synthesis of materials", Advances in Special Electrometallurgy, vol.14, no.3, pp.150-154, 1998.
  • A.G.Borisenko, V.A.Saenko, V.A.Rudnitsky, "Nonself-sustaining arc discharge in anode material vapors", IEEE Trans. Plasma Science, vol.27, no.4, pp.877-881, August 1999.
  • A.G.Borisenko, V.A.Saenko, V.A.Rudnitsky, "A Method of Gas Admission for Initiating a Discharge in Anode Material Vapors", Instruments and Experimental Techniques, vol.42, no.2, pp.270-272,1999.
  • A.G.Borisenko, V.A.Saenko, V.A.Rudnitsky , "Semi-Self-Sustained Arc Discharge in Mixtures of Metal Vapors with Gas", High Temperature, vol.37, no.1, pp.1-8, 1999.

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