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International Conference and School
on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
Alushta (Crimea), UKRAINE
September 16-21, 2002

The International Conference and School on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion will be held in September 16-21, 2002 in the Black seaside resort Alushta (about 40 km from Yalta). This Conference-School will follow the Ukrainian National Conferences and Schools on Plasma Physics, which were organized by National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology". The previous national conferences and schools with foreign participants were held in Alushta in September 1998 and September 2000.

During those conferences there were presented numerous invited talks and contributed papers on recent achievements of different domestic and foreign plasma research centers. The proceedings of those conferences were published in journal "Problems of Atomic Science and Technology", series: Plasma Physics and were distributed to all the participants and many plasma laboratories as well as academic institutions. In order to support the development of plasma research in Ukraine and to promote a further scientific collaboration among different plasma research groups in Ukraine and abroad it is decided to intensify our scientific contacts with different plasma research institutes abroad, to invite more foreign experts, and to organize the Alushta Conference in 2002 as the International Conference.

More then 100 Ukrainian scientists and 27 foreign participants presented about 190 reports on plasma physics and technology during previous Alushta Conference. We hope that around 100 Ukrainian scientists and around 60 foreign scientists (including those from Russia and Belorussia) will participate in this Conference.

The Conference program will include both invited and contributed papers. The objective of the Conference is the exchange of information on new experimental and theoretical results on the following topics and related areas:

  1. Magnetic confinement systems: Stellarators, Tokamaks, Alternative conceptions
  2. Plasma heating and current drive
  3. ITER and fusion reactor aspects
  4. Basic plasma physics
  5. Plasma astrophysics
  6. Plasma physics of the near cosmos
  7. Experimental investigations of the near-Earth space plasmas
  8. Plasma dynamics and plasma-wall interaction
  9. Plasma electronics
  10. Low temperature plasma and plasma technologies
  11. Plasma diagnostics
  12. Collisional processes

Local Organizational Committee
  • V.I.Lapshin (IPP NSC KIPT) - Chairman
  • A.M.Yegorov (IPENMA NSC KIPT) - Vice Chairman
  • V.I.Tereshin (IPP NSC KIPT) - Vice Chairman
  • I.E.Garkusha (IPP NSC KIPT) - Scientific Secretary
  • M.E.Maznichenko (IPP NSC KIPT)
More detailed information about the Conference, International Scientific Advisory Committee and Scientific Program Committee as well as requirements to abstracts submission will be given in the First Announcement in the end of January, 2002.
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All correspondence and general inquiries should be addressed either to the
Scientific Secretary: Dr. Igor GARKUSHA
Institute of Plasma Physics
National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology"
1 Akademicheskaja St., 310108 Kharkov,
Tel.: (380 57-2) 35-67-26;
Fax: (380 57-2) 35-26-64;
or to the Vice-Chairman: Dr.Vladimir TERESHIN
Tel.: (380 57-2) 35-63-05;
Fax: (380 57-2) 35-26-64;

The official Conference language is English