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Professor Alexey A. Goncharov is the winner of State Prize for R&D
in a field of power accelerators of ions and plasma
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Enough research
will tend to support whatever theory

Murphy′s Law of Research

International Conference
«Energy Efficiency-2007»
Kyiv, Ukraine
15-17 October 2007

10th International Symposium
" Production and Neutralization of Negative Ions and Beams "
Proceedings , Abstracts and Program
September 14-17, 2004, Kyiv, Ukraine

Plasma Science & Technology Frontiers
for future surfacing:
Plasma Optical Devices
Technologies and Equipment


Know How: ADVAM

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Scientific Toys:
SurfPlus- Cathode Spot, Vacuum Arc, PVD
 New Book 
Cathodic Processes of the Metal Vapor Arc
Plasma-Arc Welding of Carbon Materials to Metals

International Telecommunication Center,
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July 02, 2010

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We are glad to be useful for you:  collaboration with the scientists in Ukraine might be highly effective for decision of high-tech problems STSC “RAPID”   new technologies and materials for PVD  
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 problems of the computational physics (gas discharge, physical electronics, thermal processess, welding) Ionic composition of the Multicomponent plasma Calculator  CASPSP collaboration with us is the effective outsourcing for you Thermo CCTdemo
collaboration with us is the effective outsourcing for you
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